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If you require prosthetics, please fill out the form below. The form is to be completed by the patient personally, and for children under 18 years of age, a legal representative should complete it.

Bear Grylls

“I am proud to be an Ambassador of Superhumans, a rehabilitation center that supports, helps, and restores your superheroes, veterans, men and women who have given so much for your beautiful country.”

⚠️ The Superhumans Center has two waiting lists for medical services: general and partner.

✅ After filling out a questionnaire based on the results of an initial consultation and examination, patients are admitted to the general queue. Due to the high demand for services, the waiting time in this queue can range from several weeks to several months. It is recommended to fill out the questionnaire immediately after the injury occurs.

✅ On the other hand, patients are placed in the partner queue if they have a benefactor or employer who will cover the cost of services. They also need to fill out a questionnaire based on the results of the initial consultation and examination. These patients receive services through a separate, expedited procedure.

If a donor or employer wishes to make a charitable contribution for a specific patient, they can inform the foundation’s team at [email protected]. In the email, they should provide the patient’s data (name and surname). The partnerships department specialists will then contact them within three days.

    If you wish to provide more documents, please send them to the email [email protected]

    Requirements for patients

    • We accept military and civilian patients who are at least 18 years old.

    • Children can be considered for treatment from 2 years old after the opening of the hospital ward (after 04.10.23) and must be accompanied by their parents.

    • Consent to medical intervention provided by the Superhumans medical team is required.

    • Patients must agree to follow the center’s schedule, attend psychologist sessions, and complete a rehabilitation course after prosthetic treatment.

    • We do not accept patients with alcohol or drug addiction.

    • Our center reserves the right to refuse treatment based on medical indications.